novembre 2



Il primo appuntamento della stagione ’23/’24 di PN DUB SOUND vi porterà due ospiti speciali da non perdere:
ITAL SOUP aka Petah Sunday ft. DAN MAN outta Manchester UK,
direttamente ai controlli e al microfono, amplificati dal resident sound Black Lion Hi Vibes, per riempire l’Astro Club, e le vostre orecchie attente, con musica esclusiva autoprodotta e liriche potenti.

Apertura e chiusura di serata a cura di Black Lion Hi Vibes e Systa Lova
apertura porte ore 23.00
entrata 12€ (tessera Federitalia obbligatoria)
Claston Brooks, stage name Danman aka Sunny Voice is a
veteran musician and singer who has covered the music scene
on a local, regional national and international basis for over 20
Born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, he migrated to the UK in 1967 at
the tender age of 11. The first stop in the UK for the young artist
was London, where he lived and attended the Slay Brook High
School in Harlsden, for 4 years before moving to Huddersfield
and finished schooling at Fartown High. Danman played bongo
drums for revival church in Jamaica, during his childhood and is
no new comer, when it comes to music.
However, it wasn’t until 1995 that he got his first experience of
working in a recording studio. Upon enquiring about an
advertisement, he was given the opportunity to record two of his
own tracks free of charge, in a recording studio at the Hudawi
Centre in Huddersfield. One of the songs recorded during
Danmans first studio experience, placed him in third place in a
Talent Competition, held at the Deighton Centre, Huddersfield in
1995. Yorkshire Television captured the particular show on
camera and a video has been made as a result. In late 90s,
Danman met Andy Black from Big Noise Productions, Yorkshire
UK and recorded a number of tracks with him over a few years.
Iration Steppas Sound System was the next adventure for
Danman and this adventure has lead to the releasing of the
artist’s first 10″ vinyl, entitled “Too Much War”. Together they
have toured Europe.
In the recent years Danman has been working closely with
producer / label / sound system; Indica Dubs. Together Danman
and Indica have been touring worldwide and produced some of
the most heavyweight releases including “Righteous Man” and
“The Wisest Live Long”. As well as exclusive dubplates over the
past few years, such as “Satta Massagana” and a lot more.
is an independent record label founded by Petah
Sunday and Mighi Tsadiq in 2013.
The music production is directed by Petah, a multi-talented
musician and producer who handles the compositions,
arrangements and mixes, playing and recording most of the
instruments at I-tal Soup Studio. The label’s musical style is
UK roots sound system oriented, with militant steppers
riddims, heavy bass lines and cultural lyrics.
The executive production is currently managed by Ninjahdread
from 10000 Lions.
Since the first release in 2014, Ital Soup music gained
popularity by being played on the most legendary sound
system as Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti-I, Channel One and many
more,and collaborating with important artists names as
Akae Beka, Pablo Gad to name a few.
As a performer Ital Soup has featured in differents events
around Europe and India touring the most important
festivals and venues, staging with a live show that consists
of a 100% dub plate showcase filled with exclusives,
unrevealed productions and upcoming releases, toasted
live on the mic by the veteran Jamaican superstar Danman
In addition to the official releases, I-tal Soup has been
working with countless international producers, providing
mixes, musical arrangements and instrumental
performances with its distinctive trademark.